Randy Carlyle Fired

Hey we got a win last night!!!! But im sure that is not what everyone is talking about this morning or even last night. Moments after a pretty solid win by the Ducks last night the bomb was dropped on the public, Randy Carlyle has been let go.

All current things aside, Randy was a great coach for the ducks who did tremendous things for the franchise’s development. He helped players like Getzlaf, Perry, Ryan, and Fowler grow and become better hockey players. But with what has happened lately, it was starting to seem that some of the players and even RC himself began to accept losses a lot easier and that is just unacceptable at this level of sports.

In With Bruce Boudreau

Who else did you expect? As soon as I heard he was fired from the Caps I put him on the top of the list for replacing Carlyle if he got fired. Boudreau like Carlyle is a fantastic coach who just happened to run his full course with a team. Fortunate for Anaheim, we were able to snag Boudreau before letting Carlyle go.

Im sure everyone reading has probably watched HBO’s 24/7 with Boudreau and his F Bomb dropping style. Personally I think this is going to give him a slight edge with a younger club. I firmly believe that the younger guys are going to respond much better to this, not necessarily at the yelling portion, but the more informal way Boudreau seems to be. Carlyle is a old money style of coach, hes the coach, do what he says. I think with this change going on, there is going to be a great deal of changes all for the good.

Is it too soon?

Boudreau was just fired from his team of 6 years 2 days ago, 2 DAYS AGO! Did he have enough time to let that all go? Think about it for a second, you work with the same individuals every day all trying to achieve the same goal, you become friends with them; you spend months away from home with them, in hotels, eating dinner. They are like family, and then one day you’re told you’re not a part of that family any more. This is going to be a tough obstacle for Boudreau to overcome; the good news is Anaheim does not play Washington again this season, so at least minimal catalysts to ignite Boudreau’s emotions.

East vs. West

Boudreau is a solid Eastern Conference coach but the west is a much different story. The style of play and the caliber of the Western Conference is far different. Remember last year’s playoff race? String a couple of wins together and move from 12th to 4th? What I can say is that i think Boudreau is going to feed off this intensity and the players will also respond.

The Players

Another overwhelming factor is how this house cleaning will affect the players. Not only was Randy Carlyle fired but also Assistant Coaches Dave Farrish and Mike Foligno.  I think it’s going to take the players some time to completely warm up to the new leadership.  What I would hope to see is the veterans on the team step up and supports the newer guys in what can be described as being similar to having your parents separate.

What I Would Like To See

With the changing of the guard in Anaheim I would really like to see a more aggressive style of offense.  I would like to see the goaltender dump the puck into the offensive zone more often.  I would like to see Ellis get some more ice time when he returns.  I would like to see the players have some fun out there.

What To Expect Moving Forward

You can expect the Ducks to be energized right out of the gate if Randy Carlyle is in fact a huge downer in the locker room.  Have you ever went to work and thought to yourself that your boss was just full of it and didn’t know what they were talking about?  Well that could have been how the players felt at this point.  Only time will show if it makes a solid difference.

In one of my more favored and overlooked moves in this shakeup, Bob Murray bringing up Brad Lauer.  This was the best decision he could have possibly ever made.  Brad is very close with all of the players who are top performers in Syracuse, which will allow Boudreau to make much more informed decisions in sending players up and down. I expect to see a lot of this.

I also expect to see some major line changes. Boudreau is going to have to get his own feeling for the players and see who will fit where in the master plan, so I expect some almost unthinkable line changes to happen right from the start.

What Not To Expect 

Do not expect instant wins, it’s just not going to happen.  There is going to be a minimum 30 day period of everyone getting to know one another and develop a good rapport and relationship.  Going back to what I mentioned earlier, if in fact Carlyle was a downer in the locker room, then we may see a few wins here and there.

Do not expect a Stanley Cup Team this year.  I do think that the new coaching staff and the ducks have a shot to make the playoffs; there is just so much talent that can’t be overlooked.  But learning how to work as a unit during playoff hockey is also something that needs to be nurtured.


One of the funniest things I read on twitter this morning was from @Earlsleek who said:

“It really was a tough way for Carlyle to get canned, but I guess he just “has to find that inner peace in himself to deal with it.” :)

On that note it’s going to be one hell of a game tomorrow, and should be an interesting press conference here in a couple of hours.




I hate to say it, but it seems that the Ducks are shopping around Bobby Ryan. This is someone I would hate to see go. He is young, not an unreasonable price, and a STUD. I’m interested in hearing some trades that you guys could possibly see happening. Obviously the Ducks are interested in scoring, especially secondary scoring. Poor Hiller aint getting any help in front of the net, but scoring seems to be the priority. Lets see it.

My potential trade: Keep him. By the end of this season(assuming Selanne is retiring) we’ll end up with a decent first round pick and plenty of cap space to work with. Plenty of time to change up the lines and see what happens. Look at the Caps last year and their losing streak, you never know !


If you’re wondering why there haven’t been too many posts lately…

1. Ducks aren’t much to blog about right now.
2. I suck.

But really, lets reflect on the past few games and the month of Movember. First off, go Jonas Hiller(no not his performance, but his newish mask). I think his mask is awesome. It’s classy, for a good cause and he beat Timmy Thomas to the task ! The white is completely opposite of what he’s had, it has a picture of every current duck on the roster, and even little Cam Fowler has a moustache on it, check it out below if you haven’t already !

Few things I would like to touch base on:
1. Getzlaf’s(the whole RPG line for that matter) poor performance
2. Lubo’s Injury and Fowler’s role on the blue line
3. Potential roster changes

So, how ’bout that top line. Lets see, Perry has an even 14 points, 7 goals and 7 assists, followed by Getz’s 12 points with a whopping 4 goals(in 20 games) and 8 assists and last but definitely not least B-Ry has 9 points at 5 goals and 4 assists. Projected to be if not the best, one of the most dominant and offensively heavy top lines in the NHL, I am certainly not impressed. At this point Teemu is making the youngsters look like a bunch of amateurs, and he’s in his 40s…. Everyone is always quick to say, lets change up the lines, lets change up the lines. But lets be real here, Ducks always start slow. They’ll pick it up after the all star break(hopefully sooner). Right now it seems absurdly slow, having the lowest goals per game average in the NHL. My only problem is that they back themselves in a corner, where they’ll make a race for that 8th or 7th seed, and end up playing a top notch team like San Jose or Nashville(disgusting) or even Dallas(wait WHAT ?!). Pick it up top line, I’d hate to see the RPG line get split up.

Lubo’s out. Well, now what. It’s time for Cam to really step up. Lubo really does lead our defensive bunch on the blue line. Lydman is getting old, losing value but still a threat, Foster has been a solid addition and is off to a great start, Brookbank I’ve never been crazy about but no complaints so far, and Sbisa is a stud as always. On the PP, I love seeing Fowler and Beauchemin on top. These two are awesome offensive defenders who can really hit the net. Ever since Scotty has left, there hasn’t really been a guy who has filled his leadership role on defense. Visnovsky, to me, is that guy. He makes the big time plays on defense, he plays with everything he’s got, and he puts up numbers on offense. You can tell that he has a voice in the locker room and without him in the line up it is somewhat frightening. If he hasn’t proven himself already, now is his time. Lets see if Cam !

Just as quick as everyone wants to see the RPG line get split, the Ducks are being picked apart that some roster adjustments need to take place. Some of the articles I’ve read have included Koivu being traded, Lydman being traded, picking up Weiss, and even going after Parise(?!). Some of these seem somewhat potential roster moves, but Parise ? Really now ? To me, the Ducks need to score. The puck isn’t going in the back of the net, and that won’t come from prospects or other misc. young guns we have in. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love Smith-Pelly and MacMillan, but we may need some veteran scoring opportunities coming from our second or third lines. When seeing guys like Cogliano put the puck in the net, I love it. Cogliano is a hard working third or second liner that is getting some great opportunities in Anaheim. I would love to see another one of him. Weiss currently has more points then any of our centers, he wouldn’t be terribly expensive and for a team that is going through a complete overhaul Florida might not be too difficult to trade with. Koivu isn’t going anywhere, he’ll fin(n)ish out his career in Anaheim with Selanne by his side. Lydman on the other hand, I don’t see him going anywhere either. Works really well with Lubo at his side. Coming from a team like Buffalo he wasn’t really used to his full capacity. Lydman is a solid fit with the Ducks. The Ducks haven’t seen too many roster changes since they let go of Moen, Pahlsson and Andy Mac. Come to think about it, the Ducks could use one of them right about now…

Promise to keep updating more, and give you guys more reads ! And how bout Crosby ? 2 goals and 2 assists on the first game back ? Cross your fingers its some sort of fluke….


Well Shit, with 6 fights in the last 2 games and a total of 54 penalty minutes I think it’s time for the ducks to get off their fancy pants high horse and get back to what made them the best team in the league a long 4 years ago, The Gritty Grime.

Yeah we all know the ducks can be fancy, the ducks can make pretty plays, but what they aren’t doing is letting the opportunity’s come naturally.  As everyone has seen over the most recent 4-1-1 is that everything seems forced.  The plays look forced, the motivation seems forced, and frustration is starting to build.  It’s about time the ducks get back into the swing of things and start to be the agitators not the agitated.

Nashville and Columbus did a number on the Ducks moral.  They deflated the ducks early in the game and it was all down hill from there. Does anyone remember when the ducks used to be the most hated team in the league for doing the exact same thing to their opponents?  You guessed it, it was sometime ohhhh around 2007…..

So with 3 games before the next meeting with Nashville, I think its time to go back to what was originally ”Good Ol Ducks Hockey” and lets get inside the Caps heads tonight.   They need to be gritty these next few games and get into the swing of things because a week from tomorrow has quite a bit of pride on the line and you know its not going to be a walk in the park.

Let’s Go Ducks!



The 5-1 Stars take on the 4-1 Ducks tonight in Anaheim. The Ducks have a long stretch of away games coming up here next week, so these next two pacific division wins are rather crucial.

A little about Dallas:
This team is surprising the NHL these days. Once Turco left, the organization hasn’t really been too much of a threat (not that Turco has been in the past few years….). Not to forget that Mike Modano is no longer a Star (or active), and Richards aint on the squad as well. We’re looking at guys like Brenden Morrow, Jamie Benn, Mike Ribiero, etc. The Stars don’t have too much depth, and that is where the ducks need to capitalize.

I am hoping for a strong performance from multiple lines tonight. I’d love to see McMillan settle in nicely with Koivu and Selanne. And who doesn’t like seeing the RPG score ? If we could notch a few from our 3rd or 4th lines, we’re looking good.

My prediction: Anaheim on top (of course) with a 3-2 victory. Goals from Gordon, Getzlaf, and Fowler (late in the third). Hiller puts on a strong performance, and we press strong on the PK.

There is one thing that worries me about the stars:


Four in a row ?! Are the ducks really back to their winning ways ? This winning streak is starting to remind me of another winning streak to begin the season just a few years back (cough 2006/2007 cough, did I speak too soon ?).

Few things to discuss:

Bobby Ryan Anaheim Ducks

Bobby Ryan: I feel like this guy is always underestimated. What a better way to prove to the NHL what he’s got-starting the season strong with a big two goal game against the Blues. The RPG line is always under the spotlight in the NHL. It may or may not be the best top line in the game. But truthfully, those guys seem to go through slumps, a little too often. I mean, maybe Getz has been injured (for the past two seasons), and maybe this is their healthy year to shine. Who knows. But they’ve added to the score two games in a row, and that’s what I like to see. Perry coming back, and Bobby stepping up.

Blake Injury: Good ole Jason Blake is going to be out for quite some time. He seems to really be the match the finnish duo of Teemu and Koivu. It looks like they’ve been matching McMillan with the two. Doesn’t surprise me at all. Hopefully this is an opportunity for some of the younger guys to step up.

Hiller/Ellis: THANK YOU HILLER. There I said it. Boy is it good to have him back. Not to mention the stellar performance of Dan Ellis tonight. Coming out with his new mask, his fresh Kohos, boy is he looking good. To me, Ellis has never been a super star (he might not ever be…), but he’s the type of guy you want in a locker room. One of the biggest parts about a back up tendy is nothing more than positive energy. I have never seen a more positive and motivating guy that sits on the bench 75% of the time. This is the guy you want behind your #1. No disrespect to Ray, but thanks Murray for keeping him. As for you Jonas, stay healthy.

Pacific Division: I thought last year was close. This year it’s going to be even tighter. I like to think that Phoenix is just about done as far as a playoff spot goes (come on, they got rid of their two best players: Bryz and Jovanovski). Dallas, nuff said. Now to the real talk: the Queens and those fellas up north. LA is looking great this year. You can’t beat Anze/Richards/Brown (oh wait, yes you can: RPG), and now that Doughty is back, they are looking big. The big move for Richards in the off season was somewhat frightening for us Ducks fans. I mean, the Penner move made me nervous… But really, the biggest problem the Ducks will have this season is against San Jose. This team has always been good (in the regular season).  Their real flop last year was their defense. I thought they improved majorly by replacing Nabby with Niemi (younger, coming off of a hot Stanley Cup winning performance), but the blue line was just not quite there. Their big guns, Vlasic and Boyle, have nobody to fall on.

And then came Burns… The Sharks fixed every flop they had last season. They got rid of the cap wasting Danny Heatley, they added a blue liner, Big Burns, and lost a mediocre second liner (Devin Setoguchi). Not to mention the addition of Havlat. After tonights victory, I am somewhat surprised. Bottom line is, Ducks came out on top, and at this point-every point matters. This is going to be one tight season…


I thought this opener was off the chain, Fox Sports West did a great job on this and i wanted to share it with all of you.


Couldn’t help myself but post any sooner. Just today NHL.com posted an article on the Dynamic Duos of the NHL. Listed 5-1, yours truly Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry were ranked the #1 duo in the NHL. I couldn’t agree more.

When I first saw the title I immediately imagined it would be the Sedin twins, or maybe Datsyuk and Zetterburg-but it was odd that our boys were the picture on the preview of the article. But why wouldn’t they be #1 ? Let me list a few things I would like on my top line.

1. Shooters, guys who can put the puck in the net.
2. Aggressiveness
3. Play Makers
4. Young, yet experienced talent

We’re talking about two 26 year old guys, drafted in the top 30 of their draft class, who both already have a cup. One’s a captain(expected to come in with the most points at the end of the 2011/12 season), the other’s an MVP. It doesn’t get much better.

Oh wait, it does… Bobby Ryan being the third on the line.


For most of you ducks fans, you were worried about two things this off season. Obviously if The Finnish Flash would be back for another year, and if Jonas would be symptom-free and ready to play by training camp. And Ducks fans got just what they wanted- both.

Teemu is back. Jonas is playing at the top of his game. But the Ducks were rather quiet in the off season. Looking back in the past few seasons the Ducks have never been too active in the off season. Last season we filled a spots on the blue line, picked up a few prospects, and of course added Cam Fowler to the roster-but no game changing roster moves. Once again, this off season was rather quiet.

Personally, I think our biggest pick up was our new third line(and what they keep saying, “potential second line”) center, Andrew Cogliano. The kid is a stud. Not to mention his young age(24 !), he is a fast, strong, gritty guy. It’s hard to look at his stats, or how he has done in the NHL, only because he’s been on losing teams(in other words, the Edmonton Oilers)…. Alright, enough of me talking up a scrappy third line center, but I mean come on, he did have the only regulation goal in today’s victory against the Rangers.

Besides Cogliano, we picked up Kurtis Foster, a solid blue liner that I could see working well with Brookbank or Guenin. We can never use enough blue liners. Also picked up goaltender depth in adding Gibson(the second round overall 39th pick for the ducks this year). Gibson is a big(and by big I mean 6’3), US goaltender that could potentially be a good luck for the Ducks down the road. We also picked up Edmonton prospect, Jeff Deslauriers. Just another big(and by big I mean 6’4) look for the Ducks down the line.

Overall, the Ducks made a few small moves in the off season. Picked up Andrew Gordon(who is looking real hot and off to a solid season), Nate Guenin, and so on. But the Ducks are holding strong with the overall look. The RPG line is arguably one of the best top lines in the game, followed by the Finnish Duo, and a third line that might be able to fill in the Pahlsson, Moen, Neidermayer shoes.

Besides the sloppy in the season opener against Buffalo, the Ducks looked great today. A hard fought game led to a shoot out victory. I hope I’m not the only fan saying this, but it’s going to be one HELL of a season !


Yeah so i pretty much fell off my blog this NHL Season, but i have been watching closely as the Western Conference is tighter than a can of sardines.  With the trade deadline passed, and all the teams set to make a push to the playoffs, its quite interesting what the ducks have had to do in the past several weeks.

First off Jonas Hiller has been on and off the IR since the all star break.  Personally I believe Jonas Hiller’s injury to be part multiple pucks to the face mask and part flying while having a sinus infection (the latter is pure speculation.)  But with the acquisition of Emery and the departure of Maxim Lapierre (Which im very curious if it was partly due to this slash Emery put on Maxim Lapierre in the below video) the Ducks have been able to hold their ground so far.

The Ducks picked up Brad Winchester who is a beast, and has been playing like a beast since he came to Anaheim a few games ago as well as another force to be reckoned with Jarkko Ruutu have given the Ducks substantial size and power going deep into the lines.

With 7 teams currently in the sardine can its going to be a a hard battle down the stretch.

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